Ventless Fireplace

A ventless gas fireplace, also known as ventless fireplace, unlike the vented and direct-vent models, do not require chimneys or pipes leading from the fireplace to outside the home for the fire gases.

This type of fireplace can be installed almost anywhere since there is no chimney, although typically not allowed in bedrooms.

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Ventless Gas Fireplace

This type of gas fireplace is very efficient since 100% of the heat is delivered into the room, however the fire gases (fumes) also vent into the room. These fumes have a strange odor that some people don’t like and there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if they are not used properly. The newer models do have an oxygen depletion sensor installed on them to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Before having one installed to improve resale value, ensure that it is permissible within your state, since they are not allowed in some parts of the country due to concern of their safety of using it as a heat source.

The above picture is an example of a vent-less gas fireplace.

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