Environmental concerns to consider while building your house

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Radon Gas
Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, learn how to build your home radon resistant. Testing and mitigation are simple and not very costly.

Moisture is the number one enemy of your home. It can cause many different issues, mold, rot and attract wood destroying insects. Extra precaution should be taken during construction to ensure the framing starts out mold free. If there is mold present, then this is an indication of high moisture at some time. If the moisture is controlled, then mold will never start growing.

Well Water
If your home will have a well, then there you want to be sure the water is safe to drink for your family. On this link, there are the most common issues found in drinking water. Some of these may or may not be relevant in your area, so inquire with the health department for additional assistance.

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Building Tip

"Have your home tested for radon gas, especially if it is a basement. Most basement homes will need an active radon mitigation system, so plan on it. Consider installing an active system regardless of the reading, therefore you are ensured low levels of radon all the time."

Active Radon Fan

The above picture is an active radon mitigation system with the fan installed in the attic.


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