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Through out the years, I have accumulated a large collection of fireplace pictures. These are very handy in creating your own fireplace design, its surround, mantle and even bookcases/cabinetry. All various types of fireplaces are represented in these pictures.

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Prefabricated Gas Fireplace Prefabricated Gas Fireplace

Both of the above pictures are prefabricated gas fireplaces, cannot be use for wood burning.

Ventless Gas Fireplace

The fireplace is ventless gas logs, (no chimney) with built-in bookcases on both sides.

Vented Gas Log Fireplace Ventless Gas Logs

The left fireplace is ventless gas logs and the right fireplace is a vented gas log fireplace.

Masonry wood burning fireplace

The above is a masonry wood burning fireplace with built-in bookcases.
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Outdoor masonry fireplace

Prefabricated Wood Burning Fireplace

The left is an outdoor masonry fireplace located on a deck next to the porch and the right is a prefabricated fireplace with gas logs installed.

Masonry Fireplace

This is a masonry wood burning fireplace with gas logs installed and built-in bookcases/cabinetry.

Electric Fireplace Direct vent gas fireplace

The left fireplace is a direct-vent gas fireplace and the right is an electric fireplace.

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Building Tip

"When considering which fireplace to chose for your new home, do not pick the ventless fireplace. Since there is no chimney, all of the fumes go into the home and the smell can be unbearable."


The above gorgeous fireplace is ventless gas logs. Although just as beautiful as a real fireplace, not as desirable.


"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson