Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pits

The outdoor fireplace is growing in popularity as homeowners are increasing their outdoor living areas. A fireplace or fire-pit is an excellent way to share fun times with friends and family. They are often made the central focal point of an outdoor entertainment area. Many porches in high-end home have built-in fireplaces.

Having an outdoor fire provides heat to that space, therefore increasing the length of time the space can be used during the year. This creates a cozy atmosphere for outdoor meals and to enjoy the crisp air of early spring & autumn.

The design can be as simple as a freestanding fire pit or a more elaborate built-in outdoor wood or gas burning fireplace. Having an outdoor fire, which they are typically a wood-burning fire, with seating around it is like adding an extra room to a house. It can provide a camping like atmosphere too for roasting marshmallows with your kids. Improvements to existing planting, furniture layout, and the ground surface (type of wood, stone, concrete designs, etc) can transform an outdoor area into a prime entertaining & relaxing space.

Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are typically constructed exactly as a masonry wood burning fireplace however without the damper. There are many prefabricated outdoor fire-pits that can be purchased and added to your existing outdoor areas.

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Building Tip

"When considering which fireplace to chose for your new home, do not pick the ventless fireplace. Since there is no chimney, all of the fumes go into the home and the smell can be unbearable."


The above gorgeous fireplace is ventless gas logs. Although just as beautiful as a real fireplace, not as desirable.


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