New Home Inspection Phases

New home inspections are critical to you achieving the peace of mind and enjoying you home with There are 3 primary inspections of the home while it is being built, its foundation, pre-drywall inspections of the rough-ins and the final inspection. After the home is built, you should consider radon testing, depending on your area. Then after living in the home for 11 months, its time for the 1 year warranty inspection. Below are brief descriptions of the different phases:

-Inspection of the footing/foundation before the concrete is poured.
-Measurements (per architectural plan) of the depth and width of the footing are verified.
-Re-enforcement (re-bar) of the concrete inspected for proper placement & connections.
-Under slab plumbing inspected for proper installation.

-Inspection before the drywall/interior wall coverings are installed.
-Framing is inspected for defective, warped & missing boards
-Framing inspected for proper load transfer to foundation, notching, boring, cutting.
-I-joists & Trusses inspected for proper installation
-Foundation anchors, fire-blocking and framing fasteners inspected
-Windows & doors inspected for proper installation
-Inspection of the electrical rough-in
-Inspection of the plumbing rough-in
-Inspection of the HVAC rough-in
-Insulation is inspected for proper installation

Final New Home Inspection
-Inspection of the home when it is 100% complete with utilities turned on.
-Full exterior inspection of siding, exterior of foundation, grading/drainage
-Roof covering, walk the roof if safe
-Full attic inspection for roof leaks, insulation
-Operate all plumbing, electrical, HVAC etc throughout the home
-Inspect all plumbing, electrical & HVAC for proper installation
-Inspect for moisture intrusion throughout home
-Thorough inspection of crawlspace or basement
-Inspect for signs of structural movement or deficiencies in all areas of home

1 Year Warranty Inspection
-Usually conducted in your 11th month of residency
-Very similar to the final inspection
-Inspecting for any changes that have occurred in that first year
-Allows you to have the builder address any issues and get issues repaired

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Building Tip

"A solid concrete foundation will out-perform any other type of foundation. It is stronger and more difficult for moisture to pass through it."

Solid Concrete Foundation

The basement is the preferred foundation of choice. It is inexpensive additional square footage that can be used as finished living space, storage, mechanical rooms, etc.


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