Kitchen Island Plans

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These kitchen island plans are some examples of how to incorporate a island into the design. Islands are very popular in the design of today’s kitchens. The island can be a simple stand-alone table or elaborate cabinetry. The island serves as a great work space in the central location of the kitchen and can also contain appliances or the kitchen sink.

In addition to the additional countertop space, it provides extra storage and becomes the central focal point of the kitchen. It can even have a breakfast bar for people to sit while the cook is preparing meals.

Kitchen U Small

This is a U-shaped kitchen with the cook-top installed on the island, a breakfast bar and has built-in ovens in the cabinetry next to the corner pantry. Provides a lot of countertop space & a large amount of storage.

Kitchen U Large

This is a very large U-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar on the island. Provides a lot of counter-top space & a tremendous amount of storage. This style kitchen is perfect for over-looking a family room.

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Building Tip

"Every kitchen should have a large pantry designed into it. A pantry provides LOTS of storage at a low cost! Consider placing it in the corner of the kitchen."

Kitchen corner pantry

The corner pantry provides a tremendous amount of storage compare to corner cabinets and it is more easily accessible.


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