Kitchen Floor Plans
Utilizing the L and U shape designs

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The most common kitchen floor plans are the L and U shape design. They have great work spaces with ample cabinet & countertop space. Most homes have some variety of them. They are cost-effective since they are a simple design without angles & curves.

L Shape Kitchen Floor Plans

L shape kitchen

Simple, common L shape kitchen. Large enough for a piece of furniture for an island.

L shape kitchen

Large L shape kitchen with a huge island with breakfast bar. Has lots of cabinet & countertop space.

L shape kitchen

Similar L shape kitchen as above, except it has a huge pantry off the side of it. Tons of storage space!

Kitchen with pantry

Beautiful L shape kitchen with corner pantry. Has great work spaces.

U Shape Kitchen Floor Plans

Kitchen U shape

Typical U shape kitchen. Would usually open into a family room with a breakfast nook off the side.

U shape kitchen

Large U shape kitchen with corner pantry. Has built oven with microwave & separate cook-top.

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Building Tip

"Every kitchen should have a large pantry designed into it. A pantry provides LOTS of storage at a low cost! Consider placing it in the corner of the kitchen."

Kitchen corner pantry

The corner pantry provides a tremendous amount of storage compare to corner cabinets and it is more easily accessible.


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